Freitag, April 11


Man erkennt eine verwandte
Seele nicht
wenn man sie zu früh trifft
oder auch zu spät
Man kann eine Liebe nicht
durch eine andere ersetzen

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Brandy hat gesagt…

Were you not awed by
the easy attitudes of
Grecian graveyard statuary?
Did not love and farewell
sit lightly on their shoulders,
as though compounded of an
essence unknown to us?
Remember how the hands
rested without pressure
despite apparent strength?
Their very poses seem to say:
"It is given us to touch this way.
If the gods press us harder...
that is for the gods to say."
If only we could discover
such a singular human place-
pure, determined, self-contained,
our own fruitful soil between
the river and the stone!
But our hearts outrun us.
We cannot capture their essence by
lingering before consoling statuary,
nor by contemplation of those godlike forms
containing all for which we yearn
in monumental measure.