Mittwoch, August 20


When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace


There is always some madness in love
But there is also always some reason in madness


Learning To Be Silent
The pupils of the Tendai school
used to study meditation before Zen entered Japan.
Four of them who were intimate friends
promised one another to observe seven days of silence.
On the first day all were silent.
Their meditation had begun auspiciously,
but when night came and the oil lamps
were growing dim one of the pupils
could not help exclaiming to a servant:
"Fix those lamps."
The second pupil was surprised
to hear the first one talk.
"We are not supposed to say a word,"
he remarked.
"You two are stupid. Why did you talk?"
asked the third.
"I am the only one who has not talked,"
concluded the fourth pupil.


"The Christian religion is a parody
on the worship of the sun, in which
they put a man called Christ in the
place of the sun, and pay him the
adoration originally payed to the sun."


Episode XXVI
Variations on Relations


"Religion can never reform mankind
because religion is slavery"